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Student Loan Tips

Student loans are not fun; sometimes it is the only option to a better future. Before considering getting a loan, start with free money. Look online for financial aids (start with FAFSA ), scholarships, and grants to help you save as much money as you can.  There are plenty of scholarships that you can apply mostly for free and others might ask you to write an essay or some other task but it is worth trying. You can find all these resources online, at your local library, community college, or at any 4-year institution. If you’re working, check with your company if they offer a tuition-reimbursement program and ask about the process and stipulations. Usually, you have to submit an application prior to taking a class and this is for making sure which benefit you fall into. They usually give in more $$ for full-time employee and some companies doesn't pay for part-time employees. Some companies will only pay for classes or degree that can be beneficial to them. For example, if you

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