Vote Accordingly

Views The cutthroat race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for presidency is definitely something to look forward this upcoming Election Day. Many voters are wishing to have another prominent name to choose as their next president of the United States of America, but unfortunately these two are the only top contenders. Of course they are not the only presidential candidates, but we have to be realistic and admit that our next president will either be Clinton or Trump. Now, if there is some kind of a miracle--Johnson and Stein might get lucky, but I doubt it very much.

If you are one of the voters who just couldn't make-up their minds on who to vote for this election, you might need to research and compare your views to each politician. Ask yourself what issues you support and don't let family or friends influence your beliefs. It is important that you--yourself makes that decision--it is your right.

If you still can't decide, here are couple of places that you can visit to help you decide on who to vote on November 8:

This is a political quiz that asks you about your stance in certain issues and compare your result to the candidates.

The same thing above--will ask you 20 questions on where you stand. It is actually run by Societly.

Matching quiz and side-by-side comparison to candidates. You can also read a lot of pro/cons debate by users in different aspects not just political.

Finally, I made a little cheat sheet of some issues that I find important. I will not reveal who I voted for  but, I voted for someone whose beliefs (in certain issues) aligned with mine. I voted because of their stance in every issue not because of their attitude, gender, or personal drama.

Tip  for snappers: Some states restricts selfies with your ballot--so before you snap away, ask the poll-workers/call your local election office. We don't need anymore jailbirds. 


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