Night Out

It has been a while since I went out with Adela a.k.a ineng last nightWe are both busy nanays; we might not be always in touch but the love of friendship still exist.

I have been wanting to visit the newest sushi and ramen house in Lincoln, so I was happy that ineng wanted to try it as well. Little did we know, Lincoln had a basketball superstar visitor during the basketball game last night, so we were in a big surprise upon joining the big traffic hurdling all over downtown Lincoln. Rumor has it that was Lebron James who  graced his glory to the Lincolnites and I have no idea if it’s true since I didn’t confirm.

I made a reservation for the night at Shokunin Sushi and Japanese Cuisine, at 6:30 but the traffic made it impossible to be punctual. The traffic made it hard to navigate much less to park closer to the restaurant, so I ended up parking 10 blocks away. I met ineng at the movie theater which is like a block away from the  parking space and we walked all the way to 8th street. I didn’t mind the walk since the weather was quite nice and there were tons of people walking, so there was a transferable energy flowing through the night. I have to commend Shokunin for accommodating us even when we were late with our reservation. They understood that there was an event and their hostess was stellar at her job last night:).

The place is nested where Bread and a Cup used to be at. The decor is nice and it is comfortable inside. We started with some mai tai and moscow mule while catching up and deliberating on what to order. Eventually we ordered some sushi and ineng settled with ramen and I chose chicken yakisoba. They were delicious especially the sushi! Our hostess was attentive and nice. We ended up having to bring some left-over tray with us since they served us with huge portions (which is nice!). After spending about 2 hrs, we decided to walk back to the Lincoln Grand Cinema.

We didn’t bother to order our tickets online thinking that there won’t be a lot of people since we chose the late showtime of Hustlers. I guess a lot of people thought the same way coz by the time the trailers had started, people came and almost filled the whole theater. Good thing we got there early enough and snagged us some good seats up top:). Hustlers was more of a drama movie than a comedy. It has its funny parts but it’s mostly about the lives of exotic dancer making ends meet by drugging and hustling bigwigs during the stock debacle. I just don’t get why these hot women didn’t save their money when they were raking it in though.

 Jennifer Lopez is one Sizzling hot momma! Any woman with that body and moves with her age is golden! I am a fan of Constance Wu except for her hair in that movie! C’mon, asian women got pretty hair and they could’ve done her hair differently. That bangs should only be reserved for little girls and for Miss Swan. I think they all did pretty well and I give the movie a 6 out of 10, +1 for the awesome humongous coat.

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