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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Silky eyemasks

I have been experiencing some restless nights. Part of that is my body's time clock and the other part is my room is not dark enough for me. I have a blackout curtain that is supposed to block any light from outside but it is still not dark enough for me. This is why I am very excited to try this chic pink Oosilk eye mask that I got in the mail. Unlike some other eye mask, this one is silky and skin friendly. I just tried it and it did provide some extra blockage for the light. Most of all, it is not only silky and adjustable but it comes with different colors as well. You do not have to settle on one color, you can have a his and her eye mask to claim ownership before getting a good night's sleep! This is a perfect gift for anybody so visit Oosilk and get yours now!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wasted Weekend

There is nothing worse than having to spend a three-day weekend at home--being sick! I felt awful and I was wearing my sunglasses the whole time I was in the office because my eyes were just super sensitive that Thursday night. I guess I couldn't blame my co-workers by having a blast at my expense because I did look like a weenie wearing her sunglasses at night...and inside the office. Oh dear! I am sure it has been spread across the office the very next day and I can't imagine the jokes later on today.

Taking my co-workers advice, I decided to text my boss about my predicament and so he advised me to stay at home and be well. Friday was the worst, I was just sick like a dog and I don't know why I got sick. I think it has to do with that nasty chinese restaurant we went to last week. I do not like chinese buffet but my eldest son love it. I don't know why but  I always end up having the shits later on that day. I mean horrible diarrhea--and that is everytime I go to any buffet. I think most chinese buffets are just disgusting and they have poor health regulations. I am a not a snob, I am Asian for crying out loud but buffets are just horrible when it comes to carrying out public health regulations. I will say that not all buffets are like that but you have to admit that most of them are just plain out gross! I hate going to buffets and I don't know why people like going to them. I get that it is an affordable place to go but I don't think having to enjoy it and having to pay for it later is not a worth paying deal.

I feel better today and I do hope that I will be back at my 100% because I hate being sick. I love laying around but I hate being sick. There is one consolation price I gained this past weekend though. My daughter made me soup and yesterday, she made some kick-ass pancakes all by herself! She made a lot of stacks and they were pretty awesome flapjacks! I felt love ^-^

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Bliss

For us busy workers, weekend is the best time of the week! Being able to relax and spend our time without hassle is a little piece of heaven that we have to savor for two days. My weekend consisted with sleep, food, music, and movies. Yes, I had errands to run but nothing stressful.

I was craving some good salmon last Saturday night, so I made some for dinner. I did not marinate the fish, but I basted the portions with a mixture of dill, lemon juice, a little bit of butter, salt, pepper, and 2 cloves of garlic using the food processor. I then place 1/2 cup of white wine, swirled with 1 tbsp. each of olive oil and dill herb, and a dash of salt and pepper. I arranged some lemon slices just enough to cover the baking pan, about 2 lemons and delicately placed the salmon portions on top of the lemon slices. I placed the pan in the pre-heated oven of 325 degrees for 30 mins. 
I adjusted the heat to 400 degrees after 30 minutes of cooking for about 3 more minutes to give it a little more color. As I was baking my salmon, I made some yogurt garlic aioli, made some simple couscous, and pan roasted a bunch of asparagus. Dinner was perfect and ready within 45 minutes. My family loved it, and it was better than I expected.

Sunday was fun because we went to my daughter's recital. They held it at a music place where they can perform different instruments such as bass guitar, piano, and etc. They also chose the place because they had cool stuff like komplete audio 6 to record the performances. There were a lot of performers so they had to divide them into three groups. I think they had 19 performers in my daughter's group, and mostly consist of singing performances. It was nice to see the ranges of talents in both vocals and instruments. I am sure they were all nervous but they did great!

After the recital,we went to the local restaurant nearby. It was famous for their expensive steaks, unfortunately, it was nothing but ordinary for me. I ordered a medium rare New York Strip with a side of loaded mashed potato and house salad for $34 and they served it on what they probably thought a hyped platter but it was the most unappealing hospital-like platter I have ever seen. They placed it on a tin looking platter with black rubber border and it looked more like I have been served a hospital dish! It honestly does! Maybe it was just me, but for such an expensive place to eat, you would think they can serve steaks on better looking platter and arranged it deliciously. The steak was a little tough although, it was cooked the way I wanted, but I just couldn't eat the whole thing because aside from its unappealing look, it just didn't taste good to me. It was a waste of $$$.

I heard a piece on NPR about how people's appetite reacts on platings. I think the article was true! If the restaurant serves you steak on hospital platter, it does not matter how expensive the steak is, it is unappetizing! The steak was not as flavorful as I thought it would be and no, the awful plate has nothing to do with it. It was just average, I can cook a better steak issue. I don't know what the hype was all about but Misty's Steakhouse, is not that great for me!

Right after that disappointment, we went to downtown and wanted to hangout at the bookstore/coffee shop that my daughter liked, but the place was closed on Sundays, so we decided to just walk around the area. There were tons of people on that Sunday evening with the weather and all. After walking a couple of blocks,we found The Rabbit Hole Bakery. The place was pretty upscale but very cozy. They had delicious treats on display and tons of games and books to use while you're there. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay longer because it was closing time by the time we got to sit for a little bit. We do like the place and will definitely be back again!