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Friday, March 10, 2017

Snot Giving

I am a tolerant person; however, I draw a line when a cashier starts blowing her nasty snot just before touching my groceries. I kept sending her telepathic messages to freaking please squirt some hand sanitizer on her hands, but I guess her mind was too occupied on how much she really like to wipe her snot with her folded kleenex--which I have no idea how long she has been reusing that darn thing. As soon as she placed her folded dirty kleenex back to her pocket, she politely asked me,"did you get everything that you needed today?" and I politely responded with, "not really." She then sweetly offered,"well, can I get you anything else today?" and I said, "how about a little squirt of hand sanitizer?" Her face crumpled, probably analyzing what I just said to her. I offered to clear things up and I politely reminded her that she just blew her nose; quite frankly, I don't want to bring that at home with me. To be honest, we were both placed in an awkward circumstance, but her actions led me to my actions.To her credit, she complied but I didn't think she was too keen about me being sanitary around my groceries. Was I rude? I didn't mean to be rude, but I have a family at home and lots of co-worker at work. Can I really afford to be consciously spreading virus to everybody I know just to be polite? So, no! I am not going to be a channel of her nastiness. Her actions should not define me. I spoke up because I have to. I was in a situation where I have to either be accepting or declining--and I chose the latter. I am all for free shit, but getting a snot for free is not one of the free shit I would like to take consciously.

On another note, my daughter sold her old trumpet and violin to get her a cute ukulele. She decided to switch from piano to ukulele and voice lessons. I just let her decide what she wants to do because forcing her will not do any good at all. I was a little sad when we sold the trumpet because it was her big brother's old trumpet. He played it from grade school to high school. I guess if one of my children decides to play it again, I can always search for cool wwbw trumpets online. I mean there are plenty to choose from and it is always available online, so that can wait. I just let them decide and let go of telling them which, when, and what instruments they can play. I will be supported for as long as it makes them happy--but of course, as long as if it is good for them as well. What can I say? I am a mother :D

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hobby Poaching

My children are musically inclined and I wanted them to reach out for other hobbies other than singing. Two of my children knows how to play the piano and are learning in playing the guitar. However, my little girl is more inclined in learning the ukulele instead. My middle child was infatuated at learning the guitar at first but he grew tired of it and abandoned his guitar for years. Luckily, my oldest son took over and have been teaching himself in learning the guitar. He bought a basic guitar recently at Guitar Center. I like the place because not only that it is affordable, and they have an easy location locators for guitar centers all over the country. I know that we have three centers in our state and I am glad that one of them is in our city. I would hate to travel somewhere else just to find one but I guess you can always order online.

Anyway, my children are all in the archers but I really want them to test other hobby or sport such as swimming.  I don't want to keep on prodding them about getting new hobbies that would include physical movement but I just want them to learn something that will give them a lot of benefits in life. Swimming has a lot of benefits not just for physical fitness but for leisure and educational purposes as well. I really wish that they will say yes to my proposal. I don't want to force them, but I really want them to at least give it a try. I should have been more of a dictator parent that way, I can just make them do what I want--but that wouldn't be right though.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl LI Champion

The Super Bowl LI is undoubtedly one of--if not, the most unforgettable game in NFL history! My heart sank on the first half, but my loyalty never faltered. The New England Patriots have been known about doing their job when it matters, and after the halftime was the time that really mattered.

Foods I prepared for Super Bowl LI
 I am the only Patriot fan in my house; I didn't care how loud I got when the Patriots tied the score with the Falcons. I knew, I knew that my Patriots will clip the hell of Falcon's wings. During overtime, I was just standing, pacing around, and I am telling you I have never prayed harder in my life than in that moment. Yes, it may sound so pathetic for some, but not to any loyal Patriots fan.

I was scared a couple of times when one of the Falcons almost had that football and then it happened, the most wonderful catch of the season--White got it in the zone!!! I had to ask out loud, "Did we just win?" I cannot forget my husband's face when he nodded his head, and I am telling you I yelled so loud that my children covered their ears. I was in heaven. I watched the Patriots celebrate, Tom Brady with his mom, his kids, and his wife. The added sweetness was when Roger Goodell handed the trophy to Kraft--yes, to Kraft because he didn't have the balls to hand it to Tom Brady himself.

Like any satisfied Patriots fan, I went onto social media to share my happiness. I have read all the wonderful comments and some salty ones in different pages. I was so happy I was grinning the whole time, I was so happy that I could play one of those Epiphone guitars and just start chanting--we are the champions!

Tom, Bill, and the rest of the Patriots team broke a lot of records last night. They had made yet another history--but the last one, was the sweetest and the most unforgettable New England Patriots game in the Super Bowl of all time. A lesson to the rest of the NFL teams, do not count the Patriots out--ever! Five rings baby!