Of Bread & Blanket

Oh looky, September is here already and I have accomplished two things on the first day! I baked a chocolate chip banana bread and I finished crocheting Katie’s baby blanket! I have been working on the baby blanket on and off for about two weeks now. I had to bring it to work and fiddled with it during breaktime to make sure that it will be done before her baby shower this Friday—which I cannot attend due to poor time-management by whoever organized it. 

Besides me, the only other person who have a close knot with Katie in the entire workplace is Irina, and we both get out at 2 p.m. (the party is at 3!). So, the only two people she wants to attend on that shower will not be there! Like I said, poor time-management by whoever organized it. We will both try to make it but I don’t think it will happen since we both have to pick up our kids from school. Nevertheless, we already have gifts for her baby. It just sucks we can’t be there.

So anyway, moving on to a more positive note, my chocolate chip banana bread was a delicious success! Funny thing about banana bread is that I refused to bake and eat a normal/plain banana bread. I have tried  eating it when I was a kid and never cared for them. It never mattered who baked them, I just never liked the taste of it until someone gave me a slice with chocolate chips on them. That changed my views on banana bread and I decided to never, ever bake nor eat banana bread unless of course there’s chocolates involved! My family loved them and luckily, I still have three bananas left for a fresh batch tomorrow.

I have been slacking in baking eversince I started working full-time. I miss treating my family with something homemade and freshly baked goods, so today was great. Anyway, I better get some zzz’s for tomorrow’s Labor Day cook-out! Take care!


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