New Adventure

New beginnings are limitless. If you are young, you can choose to go to college or dive into the workforce. If you are old, you can go choose to continue working after retirement. One can choose to start or end marriages. The possibilities are endless. Anybody can start a new beginning however simple or drastic it may be. For as long as you are alive and breathing, you can start again! In my case, getting a bachelor's degree before I turn 50!

One thing about education is that you can go back to school regardless of budget and wrinkles, and one would wonder why I need it in my life? Simple answer--self-completion! I wish I earned my degree at a younger age, but unfortunately, I have not. So, I enrolled at a university and class starts next week. I will probably grumble about the number of papers to write for the entire semester, but I will do it. I am aiming for A, but a B+ will suffice.

This will be a challenge for me since I work full-time and I have a family, but I will see it through one class at a time.


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