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Wasted Weekend

There is nothing worse than having to spend a three-day weekend at home--being sick! I felt awful and I was wearing my sunglasses the whole time I was in the office because my eyes were just super sensitive that Thursday night. I guess I couldn't blame my co-workers by having a blast at my expense because I did look like a weenie wearing her sunglasses at night...and inside the office. Oh dear! I am sure it has been spread across the office the very next day and I can't imagine the jokes later on today.

Taking my co-workers advice, I decided to text my boss about my predicament and so he advised me to stay at home and be well. Friday was the worst, I was just sick like a dog and I don't know why I got sick. I think it has to do with that nasty chinese restaurant we went to last week. I do not like chinese buffet but my eldest son love it. I don't know why but  I always end up having the shits later on that day. I mean horrible diarrhea--and that is everytime I go to any buffet. I think most chinese buffets are just disgusting and they have poor health regulations. I am a not a snob, I am Asian for crying out loud but buffets are just horrible when it comes to carrying out public health regulations. I will say that not all buffets are like that but you have to admit that most of them are just plain out gross! I hate going to buffets and I don't know why people like going to them. I get that it is an affordable place to go but I don't think having to enjoy it and having to pay for it later is not a worth paying deal.

I feel better today and I do hope that I will be back at my 100% because I hate being sick. I love laying around but I hate being sick. There is one consolation price I gained this past weekend though. My daughter made me soup and yesterday, she made some kick-ass pancakes all by herself! She made a lot of stacks and they were pretty awesome flapjacks! I felt love ^-^


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Hello world! Today is the first day of a new year and I feel great! Sure, I am only at home being cozy and avoiding the frigid temperature outside but I am in the moment of planning what this new year will bring into my life. Scratch that! What great improvements I can deliver into this new year! I don’t want to make an outrageous list that is impossible to commit into so I will only make a promise to do better this year. I will try not to submit myself into a stressful situation. As I think about my biggest problem in 2018 it was by acting without thinking which only elevated my stress level. This year, I have to consider that I cannot help what situations that will come into my life, all I can do is to wait and analyze before reacting to the situation. So this is my only promise to myself and I will try my hardest to commit to this promise because after all, it will benefit my health and sanity! Cheers to a brand new year

Hair Do

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Divatress but all opinions are mine.

Have you ever looked at somebody else's hair and wished that you could have the same? I have! I always have long, fine, straight hair and yes, not to brag but a lot of people like my hair but to be honest, it needs more volume and more body.

I have always been jealous of my cousin's hair. She always have that full hair with the right amount of volume and wave and I thought it was always the hair I really wanted. I have tried going to the hair salon and had my hair curled  but I didn't know how to take care of it so it didn't come out great, so I accepted my fate--I will have this plain straight hair with not enough volume and body.

Fortunately there are beautiful half wigs that I can rock on during special occasions. They have tons of wigs to choose from short, straight, curly, or those amazing weaves. You can choose from real human hair, synthetic, or human hair blend. You can create your o…

Silky eyemasks

I have been experiencing some restless nights. Part of that is my body's time clock and the other part is my room is not dark enough for me. I have a blackout curtain that is supposed to block any light from outside but it is still not dark enough for me. This is why I am very excited to try this chic pink Oosilk eye mask that I got in the mail. Unlike some other eye mask, this one is silky and skin friendly. I just tried it and it did provide some extra blockage for the light. Most of all, it is not only silky and adjustable but it comes with different colors as well. You do not have to settle on one color, you can have a his and her eye mask to claim ownership before getting a good night's sleep! This is a perfect gift for anybody so visit Oosilk and get yours now!