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Silky eyemasks

I have been experiencing some restless nights. Part of that is my body's time clock and the other part is my room is not dark enough for me. I have a blackout curtain that is supposed to block any light from outside but it is still not dark enough for me. This is why I am very excited to try this chic pink Oosilk eye mask that I got in the mail. Unlike some other eye mask, this one is silky and skin friendly. I just tried it and it did provide some extra blockage for the light. Most of all, it is not only silky and adjustable but it comes with different colors as well. You do not have to settle on one color, you can have a his and her eye mask to claim ownership before getting a good night's sleep! This is a perfect gift for anybody so visit Oosilk and get yours now!

Wasted Weekend

There is nothing worse than having to spend a three-day weekend at home--being sick! I felt awful and I was wearing my sunglasses the whole time I was in the office because my eyes were just super sensitive that Thursday night. I guess I couldn't blame my co-workers by having a blast at my expense because I did look like a weenie wearing her sunglasses at night...and inside the office. Oh dear! I am sure it has been spread across the office the very next day and I can't imagine the jokes later on today.

Taking my co-workers advice, I decided to text my boss about my predicament and so he advised me to stay at home and be well. Friday was the worst, I was just sick like a dog and I don't know why I got sick. I think it has to do with that nasty chinese restaurant we went to last week. I do not like chinese buffet but my eldest son love it. I don't know why but  I always end up having the shits later on that day. I mean horrible diarrhea--and that is everytime I go to a…