Secrets of Happy Pets

I really like this pet bag. Not only that it has a storage for bag dispenser, but it can fit quite of stuff for your doggy. I was able to fit a small bowl, some food that's in the baggie, a toy, poop bags, and a pee pad just in case I needed to bring my dog somewhere where she can't get outside to do her business. There is more room to fit some treats as well.

This is a convenient bag and it gives you three ways to bring it. You can use the strap to hold or place in your shoulder, or you can use the belt that would fit snuggly in your waist, or you can use the belt clip for a simpler way.

 My only wish is that they would put a zipper on the top for more security. Nevertheless, I am thankful enough to try the product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. If you are interested you can click here to know more about the product.


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